Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Caution Persons at Work

Our friends at BigLorryBlog had an item today about safety and "tipper" bodies. That would be dump trucks on our side of the pond.

This dandy small Ford - sorry the big guy moved just as I was about to get a good shot of the cab-has a small dump body for small patching jobs, and some small doors in the tail gate to drop small quantities of hot asphalt in small holes in the street.

Of course, despite the small size of the project, it maximizes traffic tie ups for miles on either side, and maximizes employment. With seven persons on the ground (only six are males as far as I could tell) and one behind the wheel- it's an eight person job.
They are the ones with green vests. The eight orange cones are not persons, but they stand around a lot too.

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