Monday, September 13, 2010

Lone Stars - Will they own the road?

1. Burnside September 6, 2010.

2. La Malbaie, QC August 23, 2010.

With a multitude of new models appearing from all the majors, there is certainly a ho-hum response to many of them. Not only that but they tend to look all alike.

While KW, Pete and others have retained their Classic versions (more or less), International has really created a distinctive looking truck.

International's Lone Star, aimed at owner/operators and combining what they call classic looks (but in reality they are retro in the extreme) also introduces many positive up-to-date features. They have also succeeded in creating the most distinctive looking truck on the road today.

Love it or hate it the Lone Star is unique.

I have seen numerous tractors with sleepers, such as the black beauty at the Burnside International dealer.

The first straight truck version I have seen runs for Transport Rock Bouchard Inc, a local freight delivery operation in the Quebec City, Baie St-Paul, La Malbaie area. Among the fleet of pretty ordinary Internationals their Lone Star really stands out!

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