Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Looooong Haul by Leavitt's

Leavitt's Freight Services of Springfield, Oregon specializes in carrying timber poles, engineered wood products and general commodities. The second generation concern, founded in 1958, used to concentrate its activities in the western US, but since deregulation has widened its scope to just about anywhere in North America.Some of the timber it carries is extra long - 100 feet or more - and they have the equipment to do the job.

See their web site at : www.leavitts.com/

Even so, Halifax is a bit out of their way, so it was a great surprise to see four of their trucks here on Monday. They were carrying timber utility poles from Eugene, Oregon to Halifax to go by ship to Drogheda, Ireland. The trailers were soon unloaded, and the trucks were gone by noon. I thought I had missed my chance to get pictures, but they were back again today. It turns out that they had returned to Houlton, Maine, where four other company trucks had four more loads for Halifax. They swapped trailers at Houlton, and arrived back in Halifax today.

1. Four Leavitt trucks in Halifax.

2. Leavitt Pete 304

3. Leavitt Pete 301

4. Leavitt KW 316

5. Full kit headache rack.

6. Leavitt Volvo 254

These are definitely western trucks with their distinctive long wheelbases, and are completely fitted out with headache racks, tire chains, rigging chains, ladders and shovels - ready for anything.

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