Sunday, September 12, 2010

Old Fords Never Die

At least old Ford fire trucks never seem to. The following trio were all shot in Quebec this summer. Two are from the Clermont, QC fire department and one is from Beaupré and is for sale.

1. 1980 Ford, Thibualt, 840 gpm, serial number T-80-149, Département des Incendies Clermont-retired. At one time Thibault bought Ford cabs directly from Budd and did not need to use the Ford name plate.

2. C Series Ford, date unknown, probably Thibault, 840 gpm, rebuilt by Levasseur in December 1994, ex Services des Incendies Beaupré. Update16/9 from advice received it is more likely that this is a Pierreville due to the look of the pump panel and the presence of a Waterous pump.

3. 1948-50 Ford, Pierre Thibualt, 400 gpm, ex Clermont. Newly restored. I'm not sure I would want to drive with the window down if that siren was going. Serial number NC 4369P.

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