Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big Move on the Waterfront

1. Cat 785C chassis ready for the road with H.P.Royer's Kenworth and Liddell trailer.

2. H.P.Royer's KW and shorty sleeper, with the lead dolly.

3. Transport Norvinic Inc's KW at rest (September 17.)

4. First of three Cat 785C chassis on a Liddell trailer waiting for tractor. (September 14)

Three giant Cat 785C off road dump trucks arrived by ship last week. The dump bodies and chassis were separate, and they were landed on the dock for on-shipment by road. These are mining trucks rated for a 150 ton payload and about 75 cu yd capacity. They are powered by a 51.8 liter, 1450.99 bhp engine.

These huge units were then dismantled and sent out on a variety of heavy lift truck/trailers, belonging to Williams, Mills and others. Even some of the components were so large that they had to run after midnight, so photos were pretty much out of the question.

Tires and cabs went on a normal sized tractor trailer- the tires are about 8 feet in diameter, so laid flat they just fit on a trailer. It was hauled by a Kenworth belonging to Transport Norvinic Inc of Notre-Dame-du-Nord, QC (that is way over by the Ontario border, near Pembroke.)

As of today only two chassis remain on the pier, and one of those is likely to go tonight. It is on a multi-unit trailer hauled by a Kenworth from Transport H.P.Royer. Royer is associated with Norvinic, and shares an address, but seems to specialize in housemoving, whereas Norvinic look s after oversize loads.

The "shorty" sleeper on the Royer KW is common for long trucks in Quebec, and seems to allow an extra long trailer within the 75 foot length limit. In the case of this trailer it certainly exceeds 100 feet, with all the dollies fitted.

If you want to see an intact Caterpillar 78C- here is a short cut:

If you are interested in the Cat's specs look at this site:
Liddell Trailer's web site (which at time of writing was down for maintenance) is here:

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