Thursday, December 8, 2016

Maritime-Ontario - back then - Part 2 of 4

Maritime-Ontario Freight Lines had a good many Macks in its fleet in the late 1970s and early 1908s. They were lease trucks, where the owner/operator paid off the ruck over time and then owned it. They seemed to all be  Maxidynes - at least they had the Maxidyne symbol on the hood - but not all had the gold bull dog. Aside from minor differences such as the bumper, they were built to the same spec. Here is a sampling:

A short hood model, with a load of National Sea Products fish.
M-O # 529 
(Background, Harold Legge Transport of Port Williams, NS was running a day cab R Model Mack)

Here it is again showing the entire trailer.
M-O trailer #  5529

Most were the long hood model, with the air cleaner under the hood.
M-0 # 536

Two shots of another long hood, with the usual aluminum Mercury sleeper.
M-O # 546

M-O # 546

Four year later, the spec seems to have changed to a different model, and not a Maxidyne, and with a painted sleeper.  At that time you could spec a Mack with any engine and drive train you wished.
M-O #567 


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