Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Maritime-Ontario - back then - FLs and KWs

The big trucks of the day were Kenworths, with Freightliner pulling a close second, and of course Maritime-Ontario had a worthy selection of each.

Ready to hit the road with a dry van this KW conventional has the traditional small sleeper, with an added roof top deflector.
MO # 776, trailer # 3518

In 1976 Kenworth introduced the Aerodyne sleeper on its COEs, and conventionals for some hi-rise space.
Owner/Operator Tom, Badgley of Hartland, NB (the home of Day+Ross) conveniently left his access door open so that his name can be seen all these years later.
MO # 722, trailer 5722

This impressive KW COE, with double wide sleeper carries the usual plates for Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia, and also Vermont, and another plate saying #1 Kenworth.
MO # 588, trailer 5588

A Freightliner COE, without any number displayed on the cab or trailer, is getting a tire check. He is plated for Newfoundland and eastern Canada, but not the US.

Loading fish on the Halifax waterfront, a Freightliner conventional is an all blue job.
The trailer is number 8017 - a departure from the usual "5" number series for reefers.
MO # 508 

With what appears to be a 42" sleeper this Freightliner also has an unusual paint job with red stripes, not to mention the Old English style lettering on the deflector.
The tarp top trailer must one of the last.
MO # 674 trailer 6674

  Kenworth introduced the T600 in 1986. Although owner operators may have been slow to take them up, the substantial fuel savings soon began to pay off, and all manufacturers came up with more streamlined models. This Anteater, coupled with an Aerodyne sleeper was a sign of things to come. It is licensed for Newfoundland, although the O.O was based in Colborne, ON.
MO # 597   


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