Saturday, December 17, 2016

Maritime-Ontario - back then - Peterbilt Special

No series would be complete without Peterbilts! With a lot of owner operators Peterbilts were the favourites, and Maritime-Ontario had lots of them.

Two views of this Pete, which looked very new at a July 1 show and shine in Sussex, NB in 1987.
It did not yet display a number. 

This Pete was hauling a non-reefer, tri-axle trailer, that was not numbered or marked Maritime-Ontario.
M-O # 630 

Not all driving was in pleasant weather. Fresh in off the road, this Pete must have had a hard run.
M-O # 658

Not the neatest Pete in the fleet, this one had the distinction of carrying a stick-on number 700 on a Canada Post contract. It may have started out for another company. Many North American Van Lines trucks had similar stripes.
M-O # 700

A different paint scheme, with some aerodynamics added looms out of the fog on the Halifax waterfront. The rear most trailer tire looks a bit iffy.
M-O # 694

Keeping company with the competition, a CP Express, KW Aerodyne, this Pete had a deeper blue as the basic colour.
M-O # 699

 Ready to roll, this Peterbilt does not display a M-O fleet number. 

Same paint scheme - different truck.
M-O # 645, paired with trailer #4468
Another shot of the same Pete. Don't be distracted by the Mack/Renault COE in the background used as a yard tugger.

Another series, with mid-rise sleeper looks ready for business.
The script on the hood proclaims "Kitten Power"
M-O # 766 

Old fashioned trailer looks well loaded and nicely tarped. This one with a back stripe added to the paint job. No M-O number displayed.

This Pete, with its Great Dane trailer was anything but new. Judging by its fleet number, it might have had eight to ten years under its belt, but was still in great shape in 1993, at a rest stop in Quebec. Definitely a classic.
M-O # 548, trailer # 4548 

End of this special  - but there is more M-O to come.


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