Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Maritime-Ontario - back then - Part 4 of 4

Back by popular demand, here are still some more photos of Maritime-Ontario trucks from the 1980s.
I started this as a series of thee parts, but have revissed that and extended it to four.

(Regrettably all these are scanned from colour negatives, which have degraded and do not do justice to the original blue colour.)

Another Mack:
This long hood R model might have been the inspiration for Bud the Spud.
Typically the trailer was paired with the truck.
MO # 567 , trailer # 5567

Western Stars (post White) were also popular amongst M-O drivers.
There were very few short hood Western Stars so this was a rarity.
M0 # 573 

More typical was the longer hood, and in this case longer chassis with big mid-rise sleeper.
MO # 556

This one look similar, but has a different paint style.

MO # 620

One particular Western Star first caught my eye in  1987 and unbelievably I followed it until 2004:

It must have been fairly new when I first saw it in Glenholme in 1987.
MO # 583

Two year later some changes had been made. The stacks were moved back behind the sleeper and an illuminated letter "G" added to the grille.
With trailer # 5583

By 1990 there were still more changes. More lights, a more regular "G" and raised air cleaner intakes with chrome extensions.

Fast forward 11 years, and there is a different trailer, with its own illuminated "G". There's also a different bumper with some different lights, and deflectors on the sleeper trailing edge. Also heat shields on the stacks below the sleeper.

 By 2004 - and the truck is at least 17 years old - it is starting to show some age.
These are the last pictures I have of it, and I can still spot some changes, including the Mustang on the hood, just above the headlight. And yes despite the straight stacks it apparently does have a muffler, sort of.
MO # 583

End of the Series - No really - there will be another coming soon 


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