Saturday, December 10, 2016

Maritime-Ontario - back then - Part 3 of 4

Owner - Operators chose their own trucks to run with Maritime-Ontario Freight Lines Ltd, and so there was considerable variety on the road. All with the impressive blue and white paint scheme however.

Peterbilts were not that common in 1979, so this was a rarity.
M-O # 521

Peterbilt COEs were also relatively rare, especially ones with the double wide sleeper.
M-O # 479
(The truck in the background is not Maritime-Ontario, it is a Canadian Liquid Air Western Star.)

Kenworths were more common, but still considered a luxury vehicle. M-O had flat deck, tarp top and stake side trailers too, not just vans.
M-O # 507

Kenworth conventionals were highly prized, but
GMC Astros caught a lot more attention when they first came out.
M-O # 541

Freightliner came out with a more stylish grille but Kenworth stuck with tradition for its conventionals in the 1980s.

A short hood KW conventional takes an aggressive stance.
M-O # 586

Although a small player in the truck business, Western Star made some impressive rigs.  They were still using the Autocar cab, but had a hi-rise sleeper.
M-O # 569

Another Western Star, this one with a mid-rise sleeper, gives the company some free advertising when it parked at the motel on the old MicMac rotary in Dartmouth.
M-O #  546 

All the photos in the first three parts of this were taken with slide film, mostly Kodachrome 64 ASA, which has survived far better than colour negative film. It wasn't the greatest in low light, which is why some of these are a tad dark.
Unfortunately I stopped taking slides and switched to prints in the 1980s. I still have the negatives, but there has been significant colour loss.


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