Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy Spring

With a winter that does not bear remembering, I welcome spring with a return to normal postings on Truckfax. 

First up - those wonderful traveling Germans are back with their variety of off road and on road motorhomes of all descriptions. Every week ships of the Atlantic Container Line bring in several of these intrepid visitors. Here is a sampling of recent arrivals through the Port of Halifax.

Team Tinkerbell from Anvil Aerospace arrived with this Merc Unimog U4000. I'll let you figure out the model year (and it isn't 2772).

A more streamlined ride is this VW with  Autark camper body. See:http://www.woelcke.de/

Somewhere between the two, but still in gunmetal colour, this LandRover has an ambitious map traced out on its spare tire rim.

And now for something completely different. An IVECO chassis and Carthago M-Liner camper van body, has lots of storage space for smaller vehicles in the cargo bay. 

And finally:

Although it is a Mercedes, it is wearing Canadian license plates, from British Columbia.  The body is from Leisure Travel Vans and it is a Unity model.


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