Saturday, May 30, 2015

Big Lift

When a "three-pack" double stack container car derailed last evening in the north end of Halifax, CN brought in some heavy equipment (and a lot of smaller gear) to set things right:

First order of business was to move another half dozen cars that had not derailed. To do this, since the track was blocked for locomotives, they called in this monster Cat 980M from Dexter/Municipal Contracting. It was last seen doing snow clearing in Halifax this winter, but it is not normally allowed on the streets due to its size.

The Cat was brought in by this Western Star from Dexter's large fleet.

This locally based Freightliner hi-railer (CN 176403) was on the scene early on.

Overnight this CN hi-rail crane truck arrived from Moncton. Its truly impressive crane boom was not enough to lift the loaded cars.[see post script]

Early this morning, before the fog lifted, this Faun Tadano 200 tonner arrived. It is seen here detaching its dolly, which it is required to tow on public roads, to distribute its weight.
Once it had been moved closer to the derailment, it loaded its two ballast units from the accompanying vehicle, a veteran Sterling (that has been on these pages before, when it belonged to Partners Crane rentals, a company taken over by A.W.Leil.)
Once in position, the two cranes made short work of lifting the cars and getting them on the track

The cars were then towed clear by the Cat, so the track could be repaired. 

A number of miscellaneous CN vehicles were also on scene, several of then hi-railers:

GMC Yukon hi-railer. 

Several Fords,

and some more Fords.

For those who need to know, the string of cars was being hauled out of the HIT Terminal by yard engines 9410 and 9486, both GMD GP40s.

Post Script
If the mighty Peterbilt crane looks vaguely familiar, it has been shown here before, but in its previous "life".
Originally built as a Brute 150, it was recently rebuilt in the US and given a Peterbilt cab, but underneath all that it is still a Brute 150.
Since it was rebuilt it has been given a new number: CN074778.


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  1. Interesting post, if you would like some more photos of the CN crane I have a few on my Flickr page. Regards