Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Krupps head out

Three Krupp cranes appeared by rail in Halifax, with an overseas destination. All three are 80 tonne capacity all-terrain types, and appear to be model 70GMT-AT. They have three drive axles, the second axle is steering only.

Although the former owners' markings have been painted over, they were obviously part of the large Quebec crane rental specialists Guay Inc.. They are painted red, and they still carry fleet numbers that are typical of Guay units: 80-13, 80-15, and 80-21. See

Krupp cranes were built in Wilhelmshaven, Germany by the giant steel manufacturing empire of  Friederick Krupp. Krupp ran into troubles, and merged with Thyssen in 1999, but before that it sold off many of its subsidiaries.
The crane business was picked up by Grove in 1995 (but not the Krupp name), as part of an expansion which had included buying National Crane Corp in 1978 and Coles in 1983. Grove itself got into financial difficulties in 2001 and  was acquired by Manitowoc.

The Grove division still builds cranes at the Wilhlemsahaven factory in Germany, under the Grove brand, and we often see new models arriving in Halifax by ship. 
Guay's website shows a similar unit, although it is painted white in the brochure.

On Wednsday evening May 27 I caught the last of the three units, 80-21, loading on board the Saudi Arabian ship Saudi Hofuf. Although the ship does stop in other ports to and from Saudii Arabia, it rarely carries any cargo not actually destined for  Saudi.

Unit 80-21 was the only one of the three with a black ballast weight, the other two carried red. Also on board the ship was a white Terex, loaded in Halifax too.

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