Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tanker drops in

The Halifax Regional Fire + Emergency Services fleet is a huge one, covering 65 stations plus training, spares and other unassigned. It is therefore tough to keep track of assignments of apparatus. One thing is sure however, that small suburban or rural tankers are seldom seem in town. Yesterday's arrival of 02-295T was therefore unusual.

Carl Thibault delivered four Freightliner F-116s on 17 ft chassis in the 2002 order, and they were assigned to outlying stations. Fitted with a 1500 gal tank and 450 gpm pump, they also carry a 1400 gal PortaTank and portable 550 gpm pump, and have 10" discharges left and right and 10" dump in the rear.
02-295T is now a spare, but certainly appears to be fully equipped and fitted out. 02-296T is also a spare. 02-297T is based in Herring Cove and 02-298T in Lawrencetown.

For a good indication of where the apparatus may be stationed see: http://fire.wikia.com/wiki/Halifax_Regional_Fire_and_Emergency_Service


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