Monday, September 29, 2014

Been there, done that -updated

Judging by the stickers and map on the side of this vintage Merc, the German owners have a pretty good claim on the old saying "been there, done that".

The parade of miscellaneous campers, big and little, continues, with four or five a week now showing up at the Fairview Cove container terminal to await their turn on Atlantic Container Line ships to return them to Europe. Some of them have only been in North America for a few months. Others, like this one, must have been here for much longer in order to have covered Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. From the map, it appears that it arrived in Argentina by sea, then progressed northward to Alaska, then across Canada winding up here.
This rig was built by Feuss Allrad-mobile. The company's website at appears to be glitched.

Update October 1:
The rig was still there this evening and was joined by another, and I was able to get these photos from the passenger side:

Another crop of stickers shows travels in North Africa and the Middle East. It also shows some curious west African shipping routes.

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