Sunday, September 7, 2014

Governor General's big rig

The Governor General of Canada has funded a traveling display to exhibit and interpret the various awards that Canadians can receive for  bravery or other significant contributions to society. Including the Victoria Cross and the Order of Canada, the medals and decorations  and the supporting interpretive displays are carried aboard an expandable trailer, pulled by this distinguished looking Volvo.

Featuring an extra large sleeper and a generator, the longchassis Volvo has "Rideau Hall" inscribed on its doors. That is the name of the Governor General's official residence, which is slightly large than the Volvo.

With the trailer detached, extended and leveled, and the generator hooked up, the display is open to the public.

On the road for a year now, the tour will be winding up in the next weeks in Antigonish, NS, Sydney, NS and ending in Gander, NL.

For more on the "It's an honor / C'est un honneur" program, see:


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