Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Actros back (end)

On June 6 I reported a large Mercedes Actros with Nova Scotia plates, imported from Germany for work here with a multi-wheel trailer.

Today it is back, apparently headed home to Europe on completion of the work. This time I got to see the back-end of the truck, through the fence, with its massive knuckle boom crane and other gear. Apparently there is a winch hidden in there somewhere, as what appears to be a marine type fairlead shows low down at the centre.

As mentioned in June Fahrenholz and Total Transport & Rigging Inc works together with local company Mills Heavy Hauling..


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  1. That bit at the very bottom in the rear shot is the trailer hitch. Basically a hook and pin type connection with angled pieces to guide the eye end when it is "close enough" when hitching up.