Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October round up - north end traffic 24/7

During the past month the north end of peninsular Halifax experienced a boom in traffic. The usual activity at the Fairview Cove container terminal and CN's intermodal yard is significant, but usually dies down somewhat in the evenings. So has traffic from the expansion of pier 9, now that they have completed round the clock pouring of concrete.
But the Halifax Shipyard expansion project is now seeing 24/7 dump truck traffic, with mountains of gravel coming in to fill in a new pier. To move all the fill and do the other construction there is a constant flow of cranes, loaders and other gear in and out of the site as needed. Not only that but precast concrete beams and panels arrive several times a day  for the shipyard's new parking garage.

Most of this traffic is using the Africville Road, and it is rare that there isn't at least one truck in sight at any time.
A sampling:
1. Atlantic Tiltload's Freightliner 18 hauls an Irving Equipment Link-Belt crane (with New Brunswick plates).Today
2. Gulf Operators' (an Irving company) Western Star hauls a Cat crawler, while a loaded Municipal Sterling dumper heads inbound and a Western Star with a walking bed dumper is outbound empty. Today

3. Precast concrete from Strescon (another Irving owned company) arrives on a variety of Sunbury trucks and some independents.October 16

4. Fairview Cove traffic also includes breakbulk that will be palletized or containerized in the terminal. This well illuminated KW day cab brings in a load of Nova Scotia lumber. October 18.

5. A former Toronto airport crew bus arrived October 9 for export. It had no manufacturer's markings. It was operated by Calssada Investments Ltd.

6. Vintage R model Mack dumper arrived October 8, also for export. It bears a lot number sticker from a Ritchie Bros. auction.

7. In amongst the usual container traffic, Atlantic Tiltload had this stretch drop deck trailer carrying a foldable type container with cable reels October 17.
8. A pair of Kenworth drivers affix radioactive placards to a container carrying containment casks. RSB Logistic of Saskatoon, SK, St. Louis, MO and Paducah, KY specialize in uranium transportation. October 18

9. Atlantic Tiltload again with an odd load. This blue box, when filled with water, is used by ZPMC crane manufacturer to test their new cranes. Atlantic was moving the box from outside the terminal to inside the terminal. (They did not go out on the roads with the load unsecured.)
October 24,


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