Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dartmouth Fire Department

Pre-amalgamation in 1996, the City of Dartmouth, NS, maintained its own independence on the east side of Halifax harbour. Dartmouth was founded in 1750 (one year after Halifax) and still maintains its identity, as a community within the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), but all services, including fire fighting, are carried out by the HRM.
When it was still an independent city it had a sizable fire department. Here is an album of some of its apparatus from the old shoebox (headings indicate the year the picture was taken)


1. 1977 Ford-Thibault 1050 gpm pumper operated from Station 4 in lower Burnside.

2. This little 1950s International tanker was not typical of Dartmouth's roster. It was probably used as a brush truck.

3. 1976 Ford-Thibualt, rear-mount 100 ft aerial also ran from Station 4.


4. Tower 2 ran this Mack CF, with Baker Aerialscope 100 foot mid-mount platform.It was built by Thibault in 1976


5. No.14 Pumper operated this 1970 Thibault 1250 gpm from the Station 1 on King Street. The ubiquitous Cincinnati Cab was Thibault's custom cab.

6. No.18 Pumper ran a similar 1973 Thibualt 1250 gpm custom cab. Even though it was the first day of spring, both units were fitted with tire chains.


7. Classic 1965 American LaFrance 1250 gpm No.11 seen at Station 2 in Woodside. Tire chains were standard in January.


8. Checking out Number 4 aerial at station 4 - see also 1978 above.


9. Dartmouth ran this Dodge rescue for many years. It carried number 24.


10. 1981 Ford L9000 Pierreville 840 gpm pumper/ 1000 gal tanker/ 40lb foam carried several numbers, including 3 and 12 during its career. 

11. (undated possibly 1986)


12. Thibault built this aerial on a Ford C chassis, and it was assigned to Station 4, replacing another 1976 Thibualt aerial on a Ford C chassis -see photoS above.


13. Late model Ford C-Thibault (ca. 1987)was 1050/600 pumper number 1. Note the handrail around the back of the cab.


14. Tibotrac built this emergency response unit on a Ford Cargo chassis.

15. Chev StepVan served as a mobile command unit.


16. Another view of the newer number 4 aerial, see also 1990 above.

17. Metalfab built this pumper No.1 on a Ford Cargo chassis. The crew box has a side door.

18. In 1982 this Plymouth Fury station wagon saw duty in a variety of roles. 

19. A sunny day view of No.11 LaFrance, in April 1979, with the chains off.



  1. Stunning pictures ! The tanker is I believe, a 1961. It was originally run out of King St as Tanker 7, At the same time, DFD took possession of two 625 GPM American-Marsh pumpers on the same chassis, as Pumper 3 out of King St, and Pumper 4 out of Woodside This was before the station number was associated with the apparatus Keep posting these amazing pics