Monday, October 14, 2013

HRM Fire [corrected]

An early morning fire in a convenience store in south end Halifax brought out the apparatus from the nearest station (Station 3, [2] University Avenue, also known as Morris Street by the old hands) and Engine 2 [3] from West Street.
1. Spartan Metro Star chassis and Carl Thibault pumper 11-528E  from the West Street University Ave Station serves Engine 2. It appears that it was the only one pumping.

2. Aerial 3 from West Street is this E-One/Bronto, 09-498P (P for platform). Fortunately the building was evacuated safely and the fire brought under control before it was needed.

3. 11-529E from University Ave [West Street] was also on scene. It is also a Spartan Metro Star/ Carl Thibault and operates as Engine 3.



  1. you got you're numbers mixed up . station 2 is university ave and run's 2 eng . 3 aerial 3 eng and rescue 3 run out of station 3 west street