Monday, October 14, 2013

Kenworth Aerodyne COE - blasting in from the past

Kenworth Aerodynes were among the sharpest rigs on the road in their day, so perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise to find one still in tip top condition today. But first................

1. This Aero was running for Humphrey Transfer, its colours were those of Midland Transport, back in 1984.

 2. "Bob" was running this Aerodyne for CP Express and Transport in 1984. The truck was rigged with orange flashing lights and a custom tool box behind the cab, complete with Kenworth nameplate.

3. This Aero with a single wide sleeper was running "Clean Across Canada" for All-Canadian Movers of Edmonton in 1984.

4. More typical of a western rig was this double wide Aero with extra, extra long wheelbase, running for North American Van Lines (Alberta) Ltd of Calgary. In 1984 it was driven by "Grant".

5. Maritime Warehousing + Transfer Co Ltd  ran this single wide out of Halifax in 1981 and for many years thereafter. It appears that the drom box may have contained some additional accommodation.

 6. Back to 2013, this later model Aerodyne, in AVL colours is still on the road, seen in Truro, NS October 12.

 7. The flatter top to the rad and square headlights are indications of a late model. It is in spotless condition.

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