Friday, September 27, 2013

Expensive rig

One of the most expensive trucks I will ever see works for the Canadian Border Services Agency. Based on a Navistar International chassis, the truck carries a container scanning unit, which performs non-intrusive examination of shipping containers on the Halifax waterfront. A similar, but possibly les sophisticated unit shown elsewhere on the 'net, was valued at $US 1 million.
With its container scanning arm extended, the driver moves the truck slowly along a container as the terminal tug and trailer remain stationary. Once completed for the day, the articulated x-ray arm folds up and stows on top of the cabin. The scanner operator(s) occupy the cabin space immediately behind the cab, which is not connected to the cab.
1. Scanning arm deployed, the truck is ready to scan a container. The open door is access to the operator's cabin.
2. Scan in progress, the tuck moves slowly parallel to the container. The terminal tug driver has vacated his cab to avoid excessive gamma ray exposure.
3. After the scan is completed, the terminal tug driver can re-enter his Ottawa and drive off.
4. Scanning completed for the day, the arm folds up.
5. Then the whole operating unit pivots in line with the chassis.
 6. With the scanning unit safely nested in place, the rig is road ready. (I have never seen the drop axle in use).


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