Saturday, September 14, 2013

Big KW does another job

As reported in sister publication Shipfax the Halifax Shipyard launched another ship today, using the big J.D.Irving Kenworth that I have shown before, as a counter wight to control the launching cradle as it was eased down the launch way.
A cable, a bit longer than the launch way, is connected to the front to pin on the KW and runs through a big sheave at the top end of the launch way, then to the cradle.The sheave is needed because the launch way is at about a 45 degree angle to road way that the truck can run on. With a big ballast box on the truck it counters the weight of the ship and cradle, and some gravity, due to the slope the launch way. 
After the launch, workers removed the ballast box and the truck was hastily loaded aboard a J.D.Irving trailer, and whisked off to its next job.
 1. Barreling out of the shipyard at top speed of about 30 mph the KW makes an impressive sight (and sound).

2. Truck and trailer waiting for the haul away.

3. Well equipped Western Star stands ready.

4. In a very pretty piece of driving, the KW backed onto the trailer in one move, with front tires exactly lined up with the center lines on the edge of the boarding ramps. (The trailer's outriggers are fully extended with heavy timber decking.) Timber crane pads are used to elevate the front tires to clear the gooseneck.

5. One more shot of the KW, dwarfing the WStar that will haul it away.

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