Thursday, September 19, 2013

Droms - from the shoe box - plus

Digging into the old shoebox for some more drom boxes, I found a few I might not have shown before, and one oddity:

1. D. Armstrong of Mississauga, ON ran this tidy Kenworth Aerodyne with drom box for United Van Lines back in 1989.

2. Parked next to it was this low rise, double sleeper KW COE. The drom box has an aerodynamic leading edge, and gigantic fuel tanks. Borisko Bros of Richmond Hill, ON ran this rig.

3. This White Freightliner had a very unusual hi-rise sleeper back in 1989, which was not a factory model. Fliner did not offer an Aerodyne equivalent. It appears to be a short cab FL COE roof transplanted to raise the sleeper, maybe as a custom or a demo. He also has extra horns and clearance lights that may have come with the roof! The rig was plated for every province from Newfoundland to Alberta.

4. This plain vanilla International had its own type of drom. 

5. It carries its own bobcat loader, complete with ramps and protective cage. Photo at St-Siméon, QC in May 1989. Hard to imagine what he was hauling in that van that you would load or unload with a skid steer.

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