Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bring out the 4x4s

They seem to be everywhere these days and 4x4s are pretty much a ho-hum sight on every road, but a few distinctive ones do show up from time to time.

1. This vintage Toyota Land Cruiser VX Limited (and Right Hand Drive at that) was receiving some TLC this afternoon.
[While I normally try to take serious pictures, I couldn't resist including the background and the advert for underwear - zoom in to see]

2. Mighty Dodge Ram with serious bumper also attracted my attention this afternoon.

All truck manufacturers seem to be offering downsized models now, none more so than Navistar International with its Terra Star, also offered in 4x4.
 Of course if you can't afford the 4x4 option-just take an energy drink and bull on through.


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