Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Campers in contrast

I didn't see as many European campers arriving in Halifax this year, (but there were probably just as many as in previous years -  I just missed them). So I've added a couple of domestics for contrast.

1. and 2. This fine looking Fait Ducato box star from Switzerland boasts the usual array of stickers from the Alaska Highway and points between.

3. and 4. This Laika camper is built in a Liberty Ecovip2 chassis, which is really an older model Fiat Ducato.

And now for the domestics:

5. and 6. A battered Chev 4x4 crew cab boasts this home-made box with flames!  It made it to Halifax from Ontario and probably made it back again.

7. Renegade started off building specialised automotive trailers, expanded in camper boxes and now builds luxury RVs and fire and police command vehicles. This Freightliner is a pretty standard low end Renegade, with a plain paint job, but is smart looking. Renegade's web site is worth a look at:


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