Tuesday, January 8, 2013

They're off

Six of the new double deckers got underway this morning. One was a slow starter following several days of cold weather, and may be playing catchup this afternoon.
 1. OC Transpo 8058 lead off the convoy, displaying Route 111 on its number board. Note the two upstairs vent windows on the OC models, not found on the GO units. All units are air conditioned however. Lower level windows are the same on both, but the OC maple leaf logo covers the rear most sections.
 2. GO Trans 812x followed with one of four in the sequence of route board displays . The meaning of 16x160, if any, escapes me.
 3. GO 8124 has bars and GO 8121 has blocks on the the displays which change about once a second.
 4. GO 8123 has the display makers name (Axion Technologies, www.axiontech.ca ). That rest of the ice on the roof is going to slide off the first time the bus stops. The buses were warmed up for an hour or more before leaving, so most of the ice was gone by the time they left the terminal.
5. OC 8059 brought up the tail of this morning's convoy, and is a bit off course for route 2, but will get there in a few days.

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  1. and now 8058 and 8059 are in revenue service for Ottawa, funny enough the two routes displayed will never get a double decker unless its a last option