Sunday, January 27, 2013

How about some dromedary boxes

There have been may inventive arrangements to get more cubic capacity onto trucks, especially when length limitations were more stringent. This was especially true for moving companies, where loads usually "cubed out" before they "weighed out".

COE trucks were certainly one way of increasing the available space, but they had other limitations. So here are some conventional truck chassis solutions.
 1. Freightliner from Western Cartage and Storage of Edmonton carries a small drom behind the sleeper. Note the contorted stacks. 

2. Three years later, same trailer, AVL-270 ( a Roussy), but a new Western Star with a similar sleeper/drom, but a little space has been sacrificed to keep the stacks straight.

 3. This F'liner has a combination sleeper drom, but manages to have straight stacks.
 4. Close up of the same AMJ Campbell truck shows the moving van type door.
5. Classy deep green coloured Freightliner running for Mayflower out of Alberta has crooked stacks, but a little less radical than the first one.
6. This rig has a big box, some of which is sleeper. Running for Harris Moving and Storage of Sudbury, ON, the Peterbilt as an extra pair of headlights mounted on the rad, like an older model Pete.

8. Not a drom, but one way to get more load. This stylish Pete with low rise sleeper loads a car on the roof. Not sure how it got there or how they get it off at the other end. Some mover ran compete autoracks out of Halifax during the armed forces re-posting season, particularly the moves to Alberta and BC.


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  1. Interesting pic of the Atlas Van Lines Peterbilt with the 1985 Toyota MR2 on top. I owned that exact car from new and sold it in late 1989 to a young fellow who worked for a defense contractor. I knew of just two silver '85 MR2s in the area at the time, mine and one other. I wonder if this is in fact my car with its new owner heading west?