Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Long way from Texas

This shiny Pete from Jack B. Kelley Inc is a long way form its home base in Amarillo TX. The company specializes in transporting industrial gasses, and there trucks can be seen anywhere in the US, Canada and Mexico, with special cryogenic tank trailers and containers.
Since its founding in 1946 with one truck carrying helium the company remained family owned until 2011 when it became part of Kenan Advantage Group of North Canton, OH the largest tank transport company in the US.
The truck's white paint blends nicely with the snow in Halifax, which is being preserved by -12 degree C temperatures. It is carrying a single Texas plate on the front bumper. With the deregulation of trucking and various reciprocity agreements in place, multiple plates are a thing of the past.
Back in the summer of 1995 it was much warmer. Seaboard Transport Freightliner COE from Dartmouth had taken over the haul of this Jack B. Kelley trailer.
It was hauling nitrogen in a refrigerated, frameless tank trailer from Jack B. Kelley.

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