Friday, January 18, 2013

Fords - digging deep into the shoe box

Once upon a time heavy Fords roamed the roads. The best looking (in my opinion) were the LTL 9000 series of long hood conventionals of the mid to late 1980s.
 1. Seaboard Tank Lines ran this small sleeper unit out of Dartmouth, NS.
 2. Maycar Distribution of Ontario hauled this curtain side trailer for North Star Inc.
3. Deschènes Express of Sacré-Coeur, Saguenay County, hauled a B-train load of 2x4s with "Pompier" [the Fireman].
4. Arnold Bros. of Winnipeg usually fitted their rigs with big moose bars. This photo was taken in Millville, NB, on the old Trans Canada.
5. SLH "The Real Class of 87" was still hauling in 1992, but was taking a Christmas break in Halifax.
6. HK Transport had this multi-striped 900 plated for Manitoba through to Nova Scotia. It  is stopped at the old Irving Big Stop at Salt Springs, NS - on the Trans Canada when it was still two lane.
 7. Twin steer operated by Gary McKinley of Quebec boasted 400 hp worth of Cat under the hood.
8. Roy's Trucking and LandScaping of Nigadoo, NB was running unit 8830 in 1993.
9. Entreprise R.D. Engregistré of Rivière-du-Loup, QC,  was hauling what looked like a custom travel trailer of some sort. Note the generator exhaust pipe near the back of the trailer.

10. This rig out of Ste-Foy, QC had a very streamlined sleeper and was loading up the rear axles with 2x4s.
11. Winders Moving and Storage of North Battleford SK was still running this 9000 in 1994. It was in Halifax for the annual rush of spring military re-postings. Note the louvered panel for a heater on sleeper. 

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