Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cleaning the streets - Halifax style

With our notoriously variable weather, it's not unusual to see snow plows one day and street sweepers the next.
Yesterday I saw this Allianz Jonhston sweeper ready to go to work to clean up the muck tracked out of a  downtown excavation site. Operated by Dexter/ Municipal Contracting as unit 4M14441, it is another of those mysterious CMC trucks, similar to one used by the Halifax Regional Municipality.
The cab is a dual control set-up and carries a Johnston VT 650 sweeper body. Johnston has had its problems of late. See:

Twenty-four hours later, after 10 cm of snow, which was melting rapidly with +2 degrees C temperatures, the Halifax Regional Municipality had one of its many Volvos clearing a public parking lot, and spreading more salt.
It isn't often I get a chance to take a photo of a high speed plow at high speed-he was doing a good 30 kph when I snapped this one. In case you are wondering - yes there is an oil change access port on the driver's side of the tilting hood.

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  1. Conquest Motor Company
    3310 Stanwood Blvd NE, Huntsville AL 35811

    Conquest Motor Company (CMC) recognized the need for a purpose-built truck for the sweeper industry. Such a truck has been built in prototype form by CMC using an existing Freightliner chassis mated to an outsourced cab. This truck offers: Low cost Recognizable US name brand (Freightliner) Warranty available in the US and Canada Factory installed RH, LH or dual steering Optional engine and transmission choices Specifications customized for the end user.