Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oshkosh no more

I received the news that Oshkosh 82654 of the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation caught fire and badly burned on January 21. This particular unit, working out of the Antigonish depot was featured here in November 2010.
Oshkoshes are becoming rarer and rarer, and so this is sad news indeed. They are notoriously long lived if they don't meet with such fates, but they are no match for fire.
Here a few more from my collection:
1. In 1986 Burke, NY was running this model WC-906, #6392.

2. In 1980 Van Buren, ME had this O chained and ready on September 6.

3. Nova Scotia #82552 was laid up in Port Hawksbury in 1984. With a little TLC it was probably ready for the road again that fall.


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