Thursday, January 26, 2012

Part 2 (and such) bus body vehicles

Fire and police forces often used bus body vehicles, either purpose built or converted, for command posts and other uses.
One such was the Halifax Fire Department (pre-amalgamation) which converted a GM New Look bus into a mobile command for fire and police. The conversion was done in 1992, and the bus was a former Halifax transit unit. It only lasted a short time until truck based units arrived.
1. One bus side window remains, and couple of heavy duty doors were added to the curb side.

2. Only the emergency door remains to be seen on the driver's side. That is a Pemfab/Pierrevile the background.

The next is filed under Mystery Motor in my system. It was operated by the Paroisse-St-Antoine-de-la-Rivière-du-Loup in Quebec, in 1988. That is the same year in which the village merged with its neighbour to form the Ville de Louiseville, and the two fire departments combined. This unit, and the tanker parked next to it, were likely in line to be repainted about the time this photo was taken, or they may have been surplus. It is a pretty big unit for such a tiny town, so it doubtless saw service elsewhere before, likely in a big centre like Montreal. It was purpose built (school buses don't usually have tandem axles) but by whom I haven't a clue. The distinctive windshield should be a giveaway.3. The flashing lights have been removed, so this rig may have been retired from service.


  1. Possibly built on the Crusader chassis of the Young Fire Equipment Corp. of Lancaster NY. The unique windshield and headlight configuration seem to match

  2. I agree the Young look is distinctive now that you mention it. A very rare bird in these parts.