Sunday, January 22, 2012

Canadian tanks leave Halifax

1. Fourteen tanks in a row, were landed in Halifax earlier in the week at the Fairview Cove terminal, in the background, and loaded on rail cars to head west.

2. This is the first tank on the left from the photo above.

3. This is the second tank from the left from the top photo.

Fourteen Canadian tanks left Halifax by train Friday, probably destined for Wainwright, AB. Tanks going to Gagetown, NB would go by truck. As loaded on the rail cars they have their turrets facing backwards, away from the direction of travel.

I only managed to glimpse them briefly before the snows came on and so I have little to add to the photos, except that Canada has opted for the German Leopard tank, purchased from the Netherlands. They are acquiring 100 tanks to form 5 groups of twenty.

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  1. not realy, this tank are heading to lord strathcona horse royal canadian