Sunday, October 2, 2011

Surprise- more Autocars

It's been more than ten days since I posted Autocar photos - so I can't keep these back anymore.
All found at Layton's salvage and recycling yard in Look Off, King's County, NS, each represents a different vintage, and thus is a significant find.
1. The classic plain painted rad was available until about the mid 1960s, but this one could be bit older, say early 1960s. This is the definitive A-car.

2. Construcktor model was an attempt by White to market a line of Autocars and Whites for the construction industry, as opposed to over the road trucks. Square fenders were part of the Construcktor look. This late model has a White Mustang mounted on the hood and looks ready for work.

3. Weathered dumper looks like it might be a daily driver in the scrap yard. The quad headlights are not original, but the beefy fenders and skid plate certainly are. The aluminum rad shell was first offered in the mid 1960s and eventually replaced the painted steel shell.

Three Autocars in one spot - made my day!


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  1. Cool finds! I've been looking around quite a bit lately and it turns out there's an Autocar badge just down the street from my workplace...on a White-GMC vintage truck, though. I should really get a photo of it...