Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gliders to go

1. Pete delivers vehicles for export.

2. This Eagle has been stubbed off to form a glider.

3. Another Inter with a stub chassis.

3. New glider kit at the Western Star dealer June 11, 2011.

Truck manufacturers will build glider kits from time to time. I know Western Star has been doing it for many years, and I suppose others do too. Essentially a glider is the truck minus engine, drive train and rear end. The owner is then free to install those components himself, perhaps from new or more commonly by re-using them from another truck.

Today on the waterfront I spotted deliveries of used vehicles from the Lussier Centre de Camion Ltée of Ste-Julie, QC. This company specializes in vehicle salvage and parts, and runs a large export business of used trucks, buses and equipment. They are also Peterbilt dealers.

Interestingly there were two gliders in the mix, and these are used truck cabs and stub frames, ready to be connected to drive trains and rears.

The Lussier operation is a huge one, see their web site:


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