Monday, October 3, 2011

Ford tilt cabs

Once upon a time when tilt cabs ruled the roads, all truck manufacturers had tilt cabs. Some, like Dodge, didn't achieve much market share, but Ford and GM certainly did get on the band wagon in a big way.
After the GMC crackerbox (see post below) they swung into the popular Astro/Titan series (and there will be more on these later.)
Ford spread out too with the W series, which was more of a fleet type. In 1976 they went after cross country truckers with their Louisville cab LTL 9000 series conventionals and the CTC 9000 series tilt cabs. Fleets liked them, but so did some owner operators. They were impressive beasties.
1. Midland Transport CTL 9000 doing parade duty in Halifax July 30, 1983. This was an owner/operator rig, with large sleeper. Note the trailer with bulkhead and arch for a canvas tarp top.

2. Early versions had single head lights, and showed "Ford" in joint where the cab tilted. Halifax October 21, 1979.

3. Always popular with movers, the 9000 tilts could look sharp with the right paint job. This one also has the larger sleeper. July 6, 1988.4. Same day, same lot, Coastal Moving & Storage of Dartmouth had an even bigger drom box on their CTL. They had also installed bug screen over the large grille area.

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  1. Yay! My favourite truck, ever since I was a wee little tot (I was born just a little less than a year after that Midland truck pulled that parade float!), still is today. Extremely scarce now, though...last one I saw was at the Saint John waterfront about 3 years ago.