Monday, October 17, 2011


Not a snake, but a White, and in fact a series of Whites, both in conventional and COE lines, and extending into Autocar.
White came up with the Construcktor initially to compete head to head with the International Paystar 5000, but it evolved into a whole line of "vocational" trucks.
I have always liked the Paystar look, so I'm not prepared to declare a winner, except that the Construcktor shown looks a lot like and Autocar!
1. This White Construcktor was going strong in 1995 for the Trois-Rivières, QC Freightliner dealer. Looks like an A'car to me.

2. Pair of incredibly sharp Paystars running for Christie Transport of Kemptville, ON in September 1975. Ontario axle regs allowed a 5 axle straight truck (there is air lift on the axle directly behind the cab), dolly and pup.


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