Friday, October 21, 2011

Big Trucks, Bigger Companies

A couple of trucks spotted between the downpours yesterday, appeared to belong to relatively small companies, but a little research reveals a different story.
1. Impressive Quebec Kenworth belongs to Transport Camille Dionne (1991) Inc. According to the company's website they have been around for 35 years (and I've seen several of their trucks in that time), but since 1991 have been part of the larger Groupe Doncar. Dionne specialises in machinery sales, rental and transport and has a 15 truck fleet, including this unit: a 2005 KW LT800 with a 565 Cummins. The trailer is a 1995 Manac. How do I know this? check out their website. The truck is unit 7140, and the trailer is 7507.

2. I've also seen the odd Glen-Tay truck around too. This FL with a large low rise sleeper, was delivering bulk material to a micro brewery. With depots in Perth, ON and Bedford QC, Glen-Tay is part of the larger Contrans Group, which owns a number of former Laidlaw operations, and Brookville Transport from New Brunswick, among others.
Check out their website to see who they are and what they do:


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  1. I wish all companies gave details of all their trucks on their websites!