Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome back Leavitt's

1. Two Petes (#309 - left and #301 - right) flank a KW (#316). The KW is set up with a portable satellite dish for a weekend stay over.
2. These well equipped rigs are set up for special loads.

Leavitt's Freight Service of Springfield, Oregon was back again this past weekend with three trucks.

Specialists in long loads, particularly timber, they were here last September with truckloads of utility poles. See

This week end three more trucks were back, and there are three more to come. Again they are carrying utility poles from Oregon, which will be shipped to Ireland in the coming weeks. The first three to arrive, pictured above had to wait over until Monday morning until their trailers were unloaded and they could hit the road once more.

Update: I just missed getting a photo of two more Leavitt's on Monday. They were a pair of Freightliner COEs, no doubt selected for extra long loads. Too bad, but them's the brakes Jake.

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