Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dinosaurs still roam the land

I am pleased to announce that dinosaurs are still with us. At least two that I know of, and both in Truro, Nova Scotia.
Within in a few yards of each other, on Saturday I was much impressed to see a Mack DMM and an Autocar (granted a late model White/GMC Autocar, but when you are desperate...)

1. This dog looks like it is straining at its leash. The offset cab looks great and the 4x6 drive would give it lots of muscle.

2. Perhaps it is the out thrust, lower jaw power take off, but it does look like it wants to go. Lafarge concrete had this DMM, without a transit mix body outside its shop.

Just down the road at McKay's Volvo/ Western Star, I spotted this:

3. A well worn, late model Autocar. Despite previous disparaging remarks about the evolution of this particular model, it still mounts an A'car type rad, and several Autocar emblems. The trailer? Its a Trelan 23L, wood chipper. See more at

The plastic fenders and lack of skid-plate do diminish the potential impact somewhat, not to mention the dreaded Volvo bar-dexter - herald of things to come for the Autocar. But zoom in on that emblem - can't be beat.


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