Monday, April 4, 2011

Land Rovers - still around

From time to time a vintage Land Rover shows up, and who can resist a Land Rover? This one appeared in Seaview Park this afternoon, while the owner took the dog (s) for a run. 1. Carrying the name The Tramp, this LR has a meaty winch mounted up front.
2. Mandatory tire on hood - check. Nice to see a long wheelbase model, and in desert tan too.

3. Tarp top - for real winter adventures - not so bad for dogs though.

4. Nova Scotia plates - so not a visitor, but right had drive nevertheless.

5. Spotted last fall on Sackville Street. Check out the aerial in the middle of the spare tire, and high rise roof.

6. Also last fall. I know this to be a 1964, in a constant state of restoration. Note the low rise roof, and wing mirrors.


  1. The tan RHD Land Rover above is the very one used in the Scy Fy channel show called 'Haven'. Although it is set in Maine, US, it is filmed in Nova Scotia - around Lunenburg and Chester areas, mostly. Eric Balfour's character, 'Duke' Crocker drives it, though it is mostly seen stationary - probably due to him not being familiar with driving RHD. I guess it belongs to a crew member on the show. There's a pic of it on set with Eric here; notice the Maine licence plate added to the front. Check out the show - it's good.

  2. Here's a shot of the tan Land Rover in the first season of Haven, too; it had a truck cab and roll bar fitted instead of the canvas tilt cover then.

  3. The tan 109 does not belong to a cast/crew member of Haven but is most certainly the truck from Haven. It belongs to a gentleman who lives in Halifax. It is an EX British military truck which spent time in Bosnia. He has a truck cab, full length canvas and a full length hard top. This 109's name is The Tramp, the owners previous Defender 110 was The Lady.

    The first blue 88in (short wheelbase) belongs to a couple who live in the Gaspereau Valley. It is a Series 3 (1974 I believe)

    The second 88in is not a 1964. I know this firstly because it is a Series 3 and the first year for Series 3 was 1972. It is a very early North American Series 3 (note the position of the 4 in amber signal lights on the front wings, they are placed slightly higher than the previously shown blue Series 3 88in.) I would say it is likely a 1972.