Thursday, October 20, 2016

Just in time delivery from Europe and bound for Europe

Delivered this week by ship these two Vovlos will soon be earning there keep - although I am not sure where, since they carry no owner markings.

They are aircraft de-icing rigs, built by Vestergaard A/S of Denmark, and carry Vestergaard's Elephant Beta tower which raises the operator well above the ground with a clear view of the de-icing process.

Vestergaard is a family owned business producing various kinds of Ground Service Equipment. With several branches and representatives around the world, its North American presence is Vestergaard Inc in McHenry, IL. More on the company here: vestergaard

The truck chassis are Volvo FE 260, a model not normally seen in Canada.

The articulated tower folds up to give the rig a 4,05m maximum height.


Heading in the opposite direction - back to Europe - is this German plated Peugeot. The RV conversion is by CS-Reisemobile and it is the Korfu model.

Peugueot, the French automaker, produces a line of small commercial vehicles in cooperaiton with Fiat and Citroen. The Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper and Peugeot Boxer have the same mechanicals, but with slight body differences.
This one appears to be  Boxer II model, produced between 2002 and 2006. If so it is in remarkably good condition- aside from one BooBoo on the front left lower bumper.


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