Saturday, October 29, 2016

Grillled oldies on and off the road

"Customized" grilles seemed to be the order of the day this week.

This big Freightliner with a light load - touched down in Halifax Friday.

Its long wheelbase hints at a western history, but it is now operated by D.Forsyth Ltd of Centreville, NB, a US DoT license holder. Missing the normal Freightliner plate below the windshield, it has an engraved "Freightliner" over the custom grille.

I found this Mercedes lurking in Burnside. It appears to be a T2 variant, the 508D, produced as a van or bus in the 1986-1996 period. This one was likely customized as a campervan when new, but the T2 types were so ubiquitous at one time that it could have been just about anything to start with. The stainless steel marine type windows could be a giveaway to a connoisseur. 

Missing its front bumper, which may not be too far away, it has a few loose wires and a the front of the frame showing.

 Also in Burnside, standing out a amid a bunch of new Freightliner fuel trucks, this well worn Western Star features the low door latches of the late model Autocar Driver Comfort Cab.

The truck has lost some of the grille frame, and what remains is battered. It also has well wired mirrors with rear facing back-up lights in nacelles. The single centre mounted clearance light is a unique feature too.


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