Monday, October 10, 2016

And they keep on coming

With more than a dozen or more foreign RVs, ranging from bus size to pickup, lined up in the compound at Fairview Cove, the end of the season will soon be here. Most will leave Halifax by ship in the next few days.
It is unfortunate that photos are not possible in that area, for the array is quite astounding.
I am able to pick off the odd one before it enters the compound, but that is rare.
Yesterday I was fortunate to catch this MAN from France.

California, Mexico and Cuba are among the stickers plastered on the cabin.

This rig is equipped with a winch and frame at the rear which I assume is used to extract a motorcycle from the hatch. It also has a "Dakar Arica" label and the tire frame is marked Baja Rack. The owners are obviously desert lovers.

MAN trucks and Neoplan buses are produced by MAN Truck + Bus AG of Germany, a company that is owned by Volkswagen. They are sold world wide, except in North America where they are still seen only rarely.


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