Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Early Signs of Spring

Although spring may be officially here by the calender, that is no guarantee. There are other more positive signs however:

As the snow melts back shopping carts appear out of the drifts and the Trecan Combustion snow melter sits idle in the Walmart parking lot. Trecan is a local company but its machines are used all over the world to dispose of unwanted snow by rapid melting.
Airports and shopping centre parking lots are favourite spots where trucking the stuff away is expensive and dumping may be restricted.
This unit doesn't move much, but when it does the Cat tractor does the job. Cat trucks have really never taken off as a brand in this area, so they are still a bit of a novelty.

G+R Kelly Ltd of Halifax have a nuber of snow plowing contracts, but those are likely over for the year, so the plows have come off and they are finding other work. They also have some Cats in their fleet.

Another sign is the arrival of RVs and campers. Surely this one will go down in the annals as unique.

Featuring a handsome Scania cab and chassis and bearing Manitoba vanity plates, it also has a Swiss theme with several white crosses on red.

Its most unique feature is the transplanted travel trailer, perched wheel-less on the back. A pull out platform and step ladder are the means of access. A sign under the sleeper window gives Winnipeg, Blairmore, Yellowknife and Montreal. Halifax is yet to be added.
The same rig was later sen in the export line at the Fairview Cove Container terminal, so it is headed for Europe.


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