Sunday, April 3, 2016

New name in town

In the last weeks I have noticed several trucks from a company that I had never seen before in this part of the country. J.Verbruggen Trucking Ltd of Union, ON is well known in Ontario as a fuel hauler, but also as the operators of well maintained rigs and sharp looking trucks.

The first ones I saw were a trio of Remtec B-trains, one of which was pulled by a Mack, parked for the Easter weekend at the Valero / Ultramar facility in Eastern Passage.

Today I spotted a four axle single Remtec trailer with a Kenworth day cab doing local delivery to an Ultramar station.  

Valero / Ultramar has a dock associated with its storage tank farm in Eastern Passage, but it sees very few ships. It has no rail connection, so its product has usually been delivered by Quebec based trucks from its refinery in St-Romuald, QC, or purchased from local suppliers. With the demise of the Imperial Oil / Esso refinery nearby (it has been reduced to a tank farm now) that local source has disappeared. 

The Verbruggen trucks are likely bringing the product in from Quebec, but is interesting that they are also distributing it locally.

See also this story aboutr consolidaiotn of ownership in the tank trailer business:


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