Tuesday, March 15, 2016

High, Wide and xxxx

Today's sightings included:


This twin steer Western Star arrived at a construction site to lift some material to the fifth storey. It did so with ease and probably had some more capacity to spare. The PM 65 SP truck crane appears to have 8 hydraulic extensions with a maximum lift of over 25 meters.


Mills Heavy Hauling put this rig together to carry a 34 tonne wind turbine hub to Barney's River, NS, about 120 miles form Halifax. The first and last legs of the trip will be on two lane roads, and will require middle of the night travel with front and rear civilian escorts and police.

I had to mask the friendly drivers face to ensure privacy.
The last leg of the trip will involve some light duty roads and maybe some bridges, hence the stretched out trailer configuration. Departure time from Halifax is 0300 hrs, with a daybreak arrival at destination.
Mills has a number of  Macks in the fleet.


This one is a real tank - minus the treads and a few other components.It has apparently arrived from Europe and will be delivered somewhere in Canada.

It doesn't look like one of ours, so I will invite anyone who does know to comment.[All comments are filtered and moderated, and may or may not be published at my discretion.]



  1. It's one of ours. It's a leopard engineering vehicle, a digging arm goes in the slot you see http://www.casr.ca/bg-leopard-badger-aev.htm

  2. http://www.military-today.com/engineering/wisent_2.htm