Friday, March 18, 2016

Vehicle transport - first class and economy

TFX International knows how to transport vehicles in style:

This classy Volvo is typical of their specialized vehicle transport fleet.

If first class is beyond your budget you could call D+M Tilt 'N Load from Ottawa. They were tasked - probably by our federal government* - to transport a military vehicle. It appears that the vehicle arrived in a shipboard container. D+M had to transport the container outside the container terminal, unload the vehicle, transport the container back to the terminal, then load the vehicle on the tilt deck. All a one man operation - and in a snow shower to boot.

The driver made a little gravel ramp then backed this rig out of the container.

Once he returns the container to the terminal he will load the 6x6 on the tilt deck and take off for Ottawa.

* The Canadian military is testing a number of  strange vehicles, and this light duty 6x6  appears to be is another. It is a Pinzgauer all terrain light duty vehicle. Production rights are held by BAE Systems in England, but I thought production had ceased due to land mine vulnerability.


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