Monday, July 28, 2014

I say it's an Autocar

Always on the look out for my favourite truck - Autocar, I have had to backtrack a bit on my previous stance. The true Autocar disappeared in 1987 after Volvo stopped building the distinctive truck and applied the brand name to Volvo-Whites. To purists (as I was) that was the end of the line.
I now acknowledge the 1987 to 2000 era (when Volvo stopped using the brand name) as part of Autocar, even if that infuriates purists. Those late era trucks were hardier than the standard range of Volvos, even though there is a real debate over whether they lived up to the rugged reputation of 'real' Autocars.
This morning I spotted this dumper at work. It is devoid of any markings that would indicate whether it was built as an Autocar or a Volvo or more likely a White/GMC, but since I like the looks of it, I am declaring it an honorary Autocar.

Speaking of out of production brands, there are still lots of Sterlings on the road, even though Daimler Trucks North America stopped building them in Canada in 2009.

I guess when there are no more Autocars, except in museums, I will have to keep alert for Sterlings.


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